What do we get for ruining the Goyt Valley?

Communities around Manchester Airport are facing massive road building projects. It is claimed that new roads will ease traffic congestion. In reality the eye-poppingly expensive road building will create more traffic, with the inevitable increase in health damaging air pollution, and ruin homes, countryside and unique local heritage.

Stockport Bypass Facts

An old Hazel Grove-to-Bredbury bypass plan has been dusted off, with the Government paying £350,000 for a new feasibility study.  Since the study is being carried out by the road’s long-term promoters, Stockport Council, don’t expect it to be objective.

The Bypass would be a four-Mapand-a-half mile dual-carriageway extension of the A6-to-Manchester Airport  “relief road”, which is already under construction (the red route in the map). It’s the latest in a series of new roads claimed to sort out the terrible congestion south of Manchester. The bypass would cost a huge £580 million! The result might not be what people imagine….

More traffic problems The bypass will draw drivers into and through Stockport from all directions – M56, A34, M60 and  A6. To start with, some local roads will see moderate traffic reductions, but these may be short-lived. At times there will be so much traffic on the bypass that local drivers will struggle to…

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