Ecologist article – Aerotropolis alert!

The Ecologist website has published an article outlining some of the key aerotropolis developments worldwide, and the ecological, social and economic problems caused by these destructive megaprojects.

Aerotropolis alert! Airport mega-projects driving environmental destruction worldwide

Rose Bridger

8 May 2015

Governments and corporations are driving a global wave of ecologically disastrous airport-centered mega-projects each destroying as much of 100 of farmland and forests – sucking water, resources and economic activity from surrounding areas, excluding host communities and locking in high-carbon infrastructure for decades to come.

The aerotropolis is a disastrous model of development. Those working for social, economic and environmental justice must unite in opposing the fast-tracked planning and construction that is taking place around the world.

Read the article on The Ecologist website: Aerotropolis alert!

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