Local campaigns

This section of the GAAM website is about local campaigns against aerotropolis developments, all over the world

In Canada – Campaigners against aerotropolis development on farmland around Hamilton Airport, Ontario planted garlic on the land. It is needed for food supply, don’t pave it over for an aerotropolis! (video from 2010)

In Taiwan – one of many protests against forcible land expropriation for Taoyuan Aerotropolis, in December 2013. Halfway through the video demonstrators throw ‘blooded’ paper planes at the heavy police presence.

Farming communities in San Salvador, Atenco defeated plans for a new Mexico City airport in 2001. The government took vengeful action against the community in May 2006, conducting a brutal military police raid. In 2014 the airport project was revived, even bigger than before, a fully-fledged megaproject with 6 runways.

A picture paints a thousand words. Artists against Aranmula Airport, May 2014


One thought on “Local campaigns

  1. Hi,

    We are cagelfa based in El Cajon, CA and we are fighting the development of an Aerotropolis at our local small airport at Gillespie Field. Please see our webpage cagelfa.com and you can contact us with advice/suggestions at info@cagelfa.com or 619-760-0576.

    Thank you.


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